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“Every Hour” Party – A Huge Success!

The "Gold" Table

The “Gold” Table

The "Silver" Table

The “Silver” Table

We had so much fun New Year’s Eve at our “We’ll Do It Every Hour” party. We rang in the new year in style at Vicki’s house and want to share some tips and ideas on how to make your own “Every Hour” party a success.

Our recent blog explained the food concept –  each guest was assigned an ingredient to be made into a tapas-sized dish.  A different dish was served each hour.

The day before the party, Vicki had an idea which brought the party to a whole new level.  Not only did we have a different dish each hour, she assigned each guest a different seat each hour.  She had two tables, a “gold” table and a “silver” table.  They were decorated exquisitely with flowers, vases, “jewels,” tea lights, etc. in the table’s respective color.  A place card was at each place setting listing the time and name of who was to sit there and when.  Every hour, we took our wine glasses and moved to our next seat or table and had a blast doing it!

Fun and Unique Seating

A Fun and Unique Seating Plan

Some tips to make your “Every Hour” party a success:

  • Use wine markers or sharpies (it washes right off) to write each guest’s name on their wine glass – only one glass per guest cuts down on the dishes!
  • The hostess should have some wine and a light appetizer or two to get the party started.
  • With each food assignment, ask your guests to bring a wine pairing for their course.
  • Start with cloth napkins, then switch to paper so your guests don’t have to “travel” with their napkin.
  • Have plates and silverware laid out and ready for the next course to be served.
  • The guest in charge of the course plates, serves, and explains their dish to the party.
  • Have everyone help with the dishes between courses!
Make Sure The Guys Help with the Dishes!

Make Sure The Guys Help with the Dishes!

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